Migrate from Trixbox to PBXact

Bit of a long shot…

I have a customer who is still using Trixbox and has just purchased a PBXact UC 300.
60 users, 30 queues, 50 ring groups, 100 DDI, 100’s of recordings.

Is there any chance that there is a migration path or script I can use to transfer the config to PBXact?

Or am I doing it by hand?

Kind regards, Nigel.

There is no supported automatic migration. Unfortunately, anything trixbox is going to be super old and they technically modified FreePBX so some things may not align anyway.

Coffee and a quiet room then for me. :slight_smile:

Thank you.


The extensions can be transferred using the Bulk Handler in FreePBX 13.

The recordings are going to be interesting - a lot depends on what “kind” of recordings they are. If they’re just Call Recordings, they can be copied pretty simply. If they are IVR and name recordings, the import might be a little more challenging.

The Queues, the Ring Groups, and the DDI might be importable (I’d look at the Bulk Handler). If you can’t import them with BH, get in touch with @jfinstrom - he seems to be the Sangoma Bulk Handler Guru. Even if he can’t help you directly with BH, he might be able to help you figure out a shortcut or two.