Migrate from Elastix/Issabel to FreePBX 17

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I set up our telephony with Issabel, switching from Elastix. Unfortunately, Issabel seems to be dead, so I would like to migrate to FreePBX in the not too distant future. I set up a virtual machine with v17 and it seems to work quite well so far and I really like to upgrades over v16 (and I’m a huge Debian-fan anyways). But now I’m wondering how to transfer my settings over to a FreePBX install. I found a couple of old threads here but they all link to a Wiki-page that no longer seems to exist. Does anyone have a tutorial that works?



V17 is not production ready.

I am aware of that, which is why I said “future”. However, the backup and restore process appears to be the same in v16 and v17, so I’ll also be happy about a tutorial for migrating to v16 instead

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All wiki content is at sangomakb.atlassian.net, the pages you’re looking for are here


Thanks for the link. However, this seems to be about the FreePBX module, which does not exist in Issabel in that form (tried importing an Issabel-Backup already but it didn’t work). Can you install the backup module manually on non-FreePBX system?

The link I found in another thread was https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/PPS/Elastix+and+PBXinaFlash+to+FreePBX+Distro+Conversion+Tool but it no longer works and I cannot find it on the new wiki.


The online converter was decommissioned.

If you can’t create a backup on the source system that’s compatible with the B&R module, then the Bulk Handler module will get you part of the way. You can create CSV files to import:

You should be able to create a backup in Issabel using unembedded Freepbx backup and restore that on Freepbx 16-17.

There is an official tutorial for installing FreePBX17 on Debian12, I used it and it works perfectly, just google FreePBX on Debian. That is, they clearly indicate that it should not be placed in production because the idea is that you test it and if you detect errors, tell it to the FreePBX team.

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