Migrate extensions from FreePBX 5.211.65-6 to 12

Exported my extensions from old PBX and trying to import to FPBX 12, but user manager never picks up on the uploaded extensions. Is there a way to cleanly migrate users, that will result in User manager seeing them as well?

Bulk extensions hasn’t been updated to know about the userman stuff… You can put in a feature request to add the functionality but it will probably be pushed to post release. Most things are frozen… for the beta

User manager is not hooked into bulk extensions import so that won’t work. So we should probably add that into bulk extensions import. But I suppose my bigger question is what is your reasoning for going to 12?

That answers my question.
Was giving 12 a try as I’m just having a bad day with the stable release, and I’ve seen 12 fixes some of it. I suspect a clean install of stable will do the trick, but we’re already in production so I figured I may as well consider 12 if I’m going to be doing a clean install either way.

12 should not be used for production while in beta

Will be released an update script from Distro version 5 to Distro 6?


Once stable