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I have been playing with FreePBX for sometime now as a test rig in my office. I am now wanting to backup and restore the setup from the test server to our virtual server. I have found this impossible to do. I have made sure that both machines are running the same PBX and system versions. I backup the system on to a USB. The connect that USB to my VM Server, I then try to perform a restore using that backup file. Nothing happens, no error message, nothing. HELP!!! Please!!

For large backup files, I had to place the file on the server itself. Winscp works well for this. If your destination server doesn’t have a backup folder yet, run a backup first.

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We had to upload the file via ssh to the server then let it spend forever to process it.

Hi Guys

Can you expand on this, I’m a complete newb when it comes to linux and asterisk. I can cope with the GUI but when it comes to the SSH side of things I’m stuck, got by with a little help from google but this one has stumped me. I’m worried as this is a massive feature that I will need if I’m to start installing them.

Can I make a suggestion to the Tech wizards at FreePBX (If anyone can add them to this chat) Upon first installation can we either create a new installation or restore from backup, this can be from USB drive? This is how 3CX operate and it works beautifully

FreePBX installs clean then allows for restores from any medium. This simplifies the installation by separating these two critical operation and allowing for error-checking on the way, as well as giving positive “pilot proof” controls to the install.

Not saying what you’re asking for is bad, just that you might want to expand on your suggestion a little bit to get some discussion flowing.

Oh, and code helps. This is still a free Open Source project.

Hi Dave

I have been trying for days to restore a PBX on to a newly installed FreePBX distro with no joy. Any pointers as to where I am going wrong. I backup current FreePBX on to USB, then take that USB to New Server running Win Server 2016 with a virtual instance of FreePBX installed. Select restore on the new server, select USB and select backup file, press OK, then nothing, nothing at all happens.

As long as the version numbers are the same, that should work exactly as you describe.

Hi Dave version numbers where the same, do I have to use the same Deployment ID?

Shouldn’t be required - there’s a document out on the Wiki that talks about the “warm spare” backup strategy. In that, the ‘backup and restore’ methodology is used to do pretty much exactly what you are describing.

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OK, Ill have a look in to this, thanks!!

I’m still yet to have a go at this as its been one of those weeks, as soon as I have a spare 30 mins, I’ll have a bash at it.

Hi Guys

Thanks for all of your advice, eventually got it working with Winscp and creating a backup on the warm server to create the folder.

Once again thanks!!