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Hi folks!
I am trying to integrate our Freepbx with Microsoft Teams, and researching about, Freepbx won´t be accept by Microsoft because the SIP header does not use FQDN in the contact. They have a list of SBC compatible. Anyone here already did this integration? Will I need to use a SBC? I am not a SIP expert, and these SBC appears to be very complex. Please, any suggestion of the easier one? Thanks!!!

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FreePBX is the GUI Control Interface for Asterisk, so you’re asking the right people the wrong question.

Look to see if Asterisk is listed as a Session Border Controller, and expand your search out to the community.

Having said that - what do you mean that you are trying to integrate Microsoft Teams and Asterisk? MT is an Instant Messaging platform and Asterisk is a VOIP Telephony platform. I’m not sure I see what you’re trying to integrate. Now, don’t take that as a “get lost” - if anyone can help, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be people here. The problem is that your question doesn’t really help us answer what you want to know.

MS is bringing in telephony + call controls to Teams.

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Cool. Our local “teams” implementation doesn’t even work for sending messages between users, so color me “incredulous” that anyone believes that expanding this POC service out to screw up call controls and telephony is a good idea.

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I am experimenting with Teams “Direct Routing” integration right now. The best answer is that you should use one of their certified SBCs. The other answer is you can probably roll your own, which I am trying to do with opensips ( though it might also be possible with Asterisk/PJSIP.

I also found this: My advice would be: Good luck!

Run away!

Umm… Every company, starting with Sangoma to Google, AWS & IBM have outages…

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