Microsoft Teams - Sangoma SBC

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(Joshua Cadman) #1

I am wondering if anyone has an experience with integrating Microsoft Teams with FreePBX with Sangoma SBC or something similar. I am having an issue on integrating this together and allow Microsoft Teams to connect to FreePBX. I have looked at peoples posts on forums and it does not make sense to me

(Simon Telephonics) #2

What are you using as the Teams SBC?

If you’re asking whether the interop can be done with Sangoma SBC, I don’t think so. The list of SBCs that Microsoft has certified is here. There are also open-source, DIY methods.

But since you say you are having an issue with integration that implies you already have something in place and are trying to make it work.

(Jared Busch) #3

A FreePBX competitor is releasing a direct (no SBC) connection from Asterisk to Teams.

I hope Sangoma can come up with something comparable.

They posted this in their telegram channel.

(Communication Technologies) #4

Wow, very cool, that is a huge feature. We are hearing a lot of desire to consolidate endpoints into Teams, especially in the CV19 remote working world. Hadent heard about Vital before (maybe just in passing) but this sounds great.

(Simon Telephonics) #5

Lots of people find the idea appealing but the individual licensing tends to put a damper on things - $8 per seat per month for a Teams Phone System license on top of whatever O365 licensing you’ve got going on (unless you subscribe to the premium E5 package).

Unless I loved Teams I’d put my money on SIP/webrtc softphones (Sng Zulu + Connect) for all the extra functionality.

(Jared Busch) #6

Not arguing with you, but so many people say they want it and ignore the costs.

(Communication Technologies) #7

Agreed, there seems to be a certain threshold of acceptance if they are giving more money to a giant corporation. :roll_eyes:

(Simon Telephonics) #8

My experience has been more with SMB who are penny-pinchers!