Message Center and Notification Not Working on Freepbx 2.10 with polycom 550 phones

I am a newbie in operating my Freepbx system. Presently I upgraded to Freepbx 2.10, and am running Centros 5.7. My system is working, and I am making and receiving calls. My issue is that when someone leaves me a voicemail it is not showing up in my messages/message center/ of my Polycom Phone. In addition, the blinking light notification is not working. This previously worked when using the Freepbx system, and I recently had to download and reinstall the latest version to rebuild my phone server.

Thank you in advance for any assistance and direction you may be able to provide.

If I need to provide more detailed information, just let me know and I will look to move it to this forum.

Are you using device & user mode?

You may have to enable polling…

No that is set to false, however in extensions type is set to friend. Not sure if this should be user or peer?

I reviewed this documentation and I am trying to stay simple with the system.

Thanks for the reply.

I am using “friend” as well. When I set to peer, I can’t seam to register two different lines on my polycom phones. Haven’t looked into that yet.

Try enabling polling and see if it works. It is any easy change.

I attempted the polling change but my messages are still not be identified in the phones message center or by blinking light.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Thanks for the assistance.

Works fine for me and my 550, however I have heard reports of it not working on various versions of FreePBX, not just 2.10

Any chance that someone can identify the proper setting configuration, so I can receive message notifications on my Polycom 550 phone? It must be a simple setup that will allow the phone to flash its message light and for the message center on the phone to identify the number of messages. Thanks for the assistance in regards to this matter.

It worked out of the box for me, once I enabled polling as I mentioned above.

Post your device configurations? Are you using endpoint manager to configure your phones?

Thanks for the note. Not sure which device configurations you are looking for. I typically go to my phone ip on my local network and configure. I also am using extensions settings and not deviceanduser.

I am a total newbie, so i am unclear as to what you want me to copy and paste into this post for configurations. I did use endpoint and the Polycom 550 is in my current managed extensions area.

If you let me know what menu you want me to paste would be helpful.

Thanks for your assistance.

Duncan - The endpoint manager relieves you from the hassle of configuring individual phones. It also provides centralized backup and easy Adds/Moves/Changes.

I recommend to everyone that they setup their systems properly with option 66 and a tftp server.

The Aastra phones are even easier as they reach out to a script on the FreePBX server and provision themselves from a template.

Can you send me a link to the proper documentation so I may configure my system to utilize the proper settings and devices? Endpoint manager currently shows current managed extensions and my mac address for the polycom 550.

However it does not reboot the phone when I select reboot all phones.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Not sure where or what module you modified, but my Polycom 550 phones are blinking when I have a message and it tells me the number of messages when I select message center on the phone. Now I need to either hire someone to make the vmail to email work along with making sure I am properly backed up so i can do easy system resinstall in the event of failure.

Thanks to whoever fixed the issue.

Hello, click on the support tab and the FreePBX team can setup your email and backup It also helps supports the project.