MES Logging - CDR Pro

In an effort to more easily diagnose quality issues, I’ve begun digging into some of the statistics Asterisk provides on the quality of the rtp streams. MES seemingly encompasses the important aspects of the quality, so it has been my primary focus. First, I looked for ways in which MES might already be logged, but after looking through the CDR and CEL database tables I didn’t see anything. I determined those scores weren’t logged so I hacked something together where I hook into the hangup dialplan and log the scores to a file. Now I just need handle the monitoring side.

However, I noticed that the new CDR Pro module touts the ability to log the MES for each call. Yesterday, I got the trial license and set it up. At first it wouldn’t pull any calls into reports, but I realized today I needed to run the sync command. Now it’s working and sure enough it has MES scores for calls from yesterday. My primary question is, are the MES statistics being logged somewhere be default in Asterisk 20, or is it something happening in the CDR Pro service that is doing the logging and then later associating those scores with specific calls? I updated my asterisk version to 20 yesterday and I also installed the CDR Pro module yesterday, so I’m not sure which one is responsible. I don’t want to reinvent a MES logging system if it’s already out there somewhere, but it doesn’t make sense for me to have a CDR Pro license on each server for this single use case.

In a slightly unrelated note, does anyone have any opinions on the best way to go about quality logging and monitoring? I’m thinking about monitoring the most recent MES as well as a moving average over the last 25 calls or something.

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