Menu isn't visible after upgrade to 2.10.1


i just updated to the new version with module-manager and now i don’t see the menu at the left side.
Also the Op Panel status is warning.

Kind regards

You did not mention what version you upgraded from. Since you mention the menu at the left I will assume 2.9. The UI for 2.10 is different than older version of FreePBX. There is no menu at the left, it is at the top of the screen. The OP panel is different too.

i tried to upgrade from 2.9 right.

i’ve installed debpbx, so now it looks very strange.
i tried to recover my backup. But op-manager is still warning.
which files has been change till 2.9

i fixed it.


hello all.
Sorry but how did you solve it? also I have version 2.10, but not having the menu bar on the left I am not able to configure and access to everything (ex. group phones).
Help me please!

The nav bar is on the top of the page.

If you don’t see that then simply run

amportal a r