Meetme quality issues with remote SIP callers

PBX Firmware 6.12.65-13
All Modules up to date as of yesterday including
Conferences 12.0.19
DAHDi Config 2.11.52
Physical IBM server

Two weeks ago some end users were reporting garbled voice and cut outs on the meetme conference bridges. Issues only seem to affect remote users that have Sipura or Obihai adapters going over the internet into the FreePBX. Phones on the LAN or dial in through the SIP trunk do not have the issue. The same remotes do not have the issue if they are calling an extension or make a call off-net.

Going through the forums people were suggesting DADHi issues. I ran some tests and I never dropped below 99.994. We do have an old Wildcard TE121 Digium card installed, but it isn’t being used for anything, but when I run “dahdi show status” it does have a RED alarm. I’m assuming this is because nothing is plugged into it.

Any ideas on what tests or settings I should look at to try to figure out what is causing the issues?