Meetme invalid pin

I am running asterisk 1.4.14 and freepbx 2.3 with a very basic configuration. Our MeetMe functionality doesn’t seem to be working. I set up the extensions for MeetMe and dial in. Any PIN I enter is reported back as “not a valid conference PIN number”. I monitored the CLI and the dialplan is passing the PIN number correctly.

One issue I’ve noticed, however, is the admin PIN is not being saved in meetme_additional.conf. I’m not sure if this is a new issue or not. The meetme_additional.conf does have the participant PIN in it.

Anyone else having any issues?


The resolution to this issue was simpler than it should be…

chown -R asterisk.asterisk /dev/zap

Fixed all conference calling.

What if I don’t have a /dev/zap folder? What else can I Chown?

I’m not sure. You should have a zap folder if you are using SIP trunks. I have never used a hardware card and so I’m not sure what dev that would use. If you’re using SIP trunks or SIP only, then you need to install the zaptel ztdummy device.