Meetme conference - mute all except local extension

I have a meetme conference setup in my system for people to listen to a live meeting, they are not able to participate in the meeting but want to hear. But I have a problem with people forgetting to mute their lines. So all the people that are outside the building call in on a single did with 20 channels, and the people in the building call the conference directly with 1 extension.

How can I mute everyone that calls in from the did but not mute the 1 extension where the live meeting is originating?

This time I need oneway audio :slight_smile:

not certain how you can do this with just freePBX but the MeetMe() function in asterisk has lots of options including “m” option which is for a conferee to join the conference in “listen only” mode.

I recall seeing someone had written a simple script called MeetMeAutoMute which the conference leader can trigger to automatically mute everyone [except the leader] which sounds like exactly what you are looking for, but cannot put my hands on it right now.

I had never seen a reference to that script before.