Meet-Me-Conference help

Deleted the default “ZAP Channel g0” not realizing it seems to be need to “Meet-Me-Conference”. Putting back the trunk does not fix Meet-Me-Conference. Anyone have any ideas how to put it back?

Your question makes no sense.

A valid timing source (either zap or DAHDI) is required for meetme to function.

I deleted the default “ZAP Channel g0” on a new clean install. I then built a second test system clean which had a working Meet-Me-Conference and tried to copy the settings from that system to the broken one.

When i try to put the ZAP Channel g0 back in Meet-Me-Conference still does not work. when i try to start dahi this is what i get;

service dahdi start
Loading DAHDI hardware modules:
FATAL: Module dahdi not found.
wct4xxp: FATAL: Module wct4xxp not found.
wcte12xp: FATAL: Module wcte12xp not found.
wct1xxp: FATAL: Module wct1xxp not found.
wcte11xp: FATAL: Module wcte11xp not found.
wctdm24xxp: FATAL: Module wctdm24xxp not found.
wcfxo: FATAL: Module wcfxo not found.
wctdm: FATAL: Module wctdm not found.
wcb4xxp: FATAL: Module wcb4xxp not found.
wctc4xxp: FATAL: Module wctc4xxp not found.
xpp_usb: FATAL: Module xpp_usb not found.
Error: missing /dev/dahdi!

How was the system installed? If you don’t have any DAHDI hardware you need to make sure that DAHDI dummy loads.

No DAHDI hardware installed on my system. Can you provide insight how to get DAHDI dummy to install or load?

Insight, I don’t understand. Have you read the Digium DAHD documentation? It has a module called DAHDI Dummy that times off your USB clock.

You have to configure DAHDI, then when that is running tell Asterisk using the config files to use the dummy driver.

Your output should look like this:

maieast*CLI> dahdi show channels
   Chan Extension  Context         Language   MOH Interpret        Blocked    State
 pseudo            default                    default                         In Service