Meaning of "Context" when adding an extension

Hello everybody,

I’ve got trixbox installed.
I’ve a newbie question:
when I add an IAX2 extension (I’ve got an IAX2 client on my PC), what is precisly the meaning of “Context”?
For example, I add the extension “2002” and in “Context” I type “prova”.
Then in extensions_custom.conf I add these lines

exten => s,1,Answer
exten => s,n,Playback(/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/you-seem-impatient)
exten => s,n,Hangup

If I do an internal call TO the extension 2002, should I hear “you seem impatient”?
And if I do a call FROM extension 2002?

Thanks in advanced.

A good read is The Future of Telephony, it’s a free download and can explain a lot more than I can in a few lines.

Basically, if your phone is in the prova context, you can only dial other numbers within the same context. Unless you have specifically included other contexts with the include => some-other-context.