MCU Video Multiconference Media Server

Is anyone here using MCU Media Conference Server with FreePBX?

Am thinking of giving it a try. I’d be integrating it with Cisco 9971 phones running H.264 for video. Just wondering if anyone here has any hints or tips setting it up to integrate with FPBX 2.10 and Asterisk 1.8.


Grateful if U could provide a few more useful Urls.
I was stuck in trying to install MCU server using their site instructions. So far, it did not work, and I wonder what went wrong with their info. Could you advise what are the solutions to the issues? Hope you could provide a few urls to get round the problem so I can fix it finally. I think Multipoint Video Conferencing will help when I travel overseas and get separated from my engineers team. Grateful if you could send some more helpful links. Thanks in advance, :slight_smile:

How about this? Are you comfortable in working as a freelancer to configure for me? I am ready to pay for a working solution, thanks Bro

Never heard of but it looks very interesting.
I’ll mark this topic so I can follow it. Please keep us updated.

I’ve set it up a few times on debian and ubuntu server. It works well and definitely use H.264. H.263p looks aweful. My best advice is not to use the install instructions on their site. They do not work and are outdated. The screen shots don’t show a bunch of features that are in the latest version. Use ubuntu server and these instructions
unless you’re very linux savy. You might also need to check which ports everything is running on. I had some issues with a port conflict between MCU and sailfin that I had to recompile sailfin to fix. I’ve set up several multipoint conferencing solutions and this one is my favorite. Good Luck