"Maximum PBX stack exceeded" VS "no_custom is true"

My Asterisk+Fpbx instalation have 80+ trunks and 20+ routes.
After converting AsteriskNow 3 to FreePBX Distro 5.211 appears errors like:

pbx.c: Maximum PBX stack exceeded
And also malfunctions like suddenly end of calls attempt occurs.

I was find some information about AST_PBX_MAX_STACK (128) limit (like this https://dev.nethesis.it/issues/2527).

  1. Does default value of “no_custom = no” add the include for custom context only if this context exists and isn’t empty?
    http://bit.ly/1l2xz12 (line 361 on git.freepbx.org)

  2. Why conversation script always install all available modules? That’s why errors occurs. (too many custom context generates).

  3. What the best way to resolve the problem? (I uses custom contexts a little :wink:

I speak English a little.

You have reached the context limit in Asterisk, you either need to stop using custom contexts (which generates many contexts) or you need to not be using 80+ trunks. Did you mean trunks? if so that seems highly illogical. Why would you have 80+ carriers?

It’s not only carriers…These trunks connect 80 filiales of the organisation. One trunk connect to one cisco router with some vendor-lock VOIP gate. Thats why too many trunks.

How about no_custom = no? Does this works well and not include all contexts?

What did you end up doing? I also have “Maximum PBX stack exceeded” and we have many trunks reaching out to our various remote offices.

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