"Maximum Call Length Reached" <click>

I have had multiple users report that they were on a call for about 29 minutes when the system breaks in and say something to the tune of “maximum call recording time reached” and then terminates the call.

How do I remove the limit?

FreePBX Distro with Asterisk 11


I think that is from your provider.

Um, no, it was our FreePBX distro. Our provider (Level-3) has no limits on anything.

What are your logs telling you?


I am almost sure there is no recording provided with FreePBX that has that phrase. I am completely sure there is no dial plan code to play that phrase.

Watch the log, it’s coming from somewhere else.

FreePBX has no such setting and no such audio file that would play that. its your provider.

izrunas, I believe you used to be able to limit the length of your call by utilizing an L in your Asterisk Dial Options, or Asterisk Outbound Trunk Dial Options…located in Advanced Options on 2.11 and above an example would be to limit a call to 30 minutes L(30000), double check there and make sure you don’t have any settings there.

Can someone give me some search terms to use on our logs? We handle 2k to 3k calls per day in our system and combing a log line by line is tedious at best…

Important to note… the only thing that changed from when we did not have this issue to now is the deployment of the new FreePBX server. Same phone lines, same carriers, same Internet, same phones. We went from Elastix to FreePBX Distro–and we reprogrammed the entire dial plan, etc. from scratch, so we can rule out weird data transfer issues. So, surely it makes sense to assume it is the new software–since nothing else has changed?

grep Playing /var/log/asterisk/full

will identify all played files, narrow to the time of the call, the number (nnnnn) after VERBOSE[nnnnn] will identify a particular call,

grep nnnnn /var/log/asterisk/full will isolate all calls with that number, (there won’t be too many today)

Do exactly what dicko said. But I can guarantee you that out of the box freepbx does not limit calls. I have a site where we record all conversations and they exceed 30 minutes and everything is A-OK

Just a few thoughts here. I noticed in the origional post Ericks described the recording in two different ways. I wonder if he has heard it himself, or is getting the wording of the recording from a third party. If from a third party are we sure of what the recording really says and we’re chasing rabbits. With nothing better to do, I spent an hour or so searching for similar recordings. The only one even similar has to do with limiting the number of concurrent calls. Wonder if that’s what’s happening and there’s not a clear understanding of what the recording is saying. In any case, we eagerly await the results of the logs as per dicko’s suggestion. Don’t we all love a good mystery!


Well, I am not certain yet, but another issue we have been having may be related… We kept having events with memory leaks that would fill all 64Gb of memory in a matter of 60 seconds, then crash the server.

It turns out that the file limit for asterisk user is set to 1024 by default and asterisk was unable to open any more files. We record all calls here, so perhaps when Asterisk ran out of file allowance, it terminated recording and the call? Is this possible?

PS: Why on earth is the default asterisk ulimit on files set to 1024!?!? To my knowledge, 32k or 65k are recommended as best practices.

I guess they question would be, “What have you added or changed to your installation?”

The ulimits set by default work well for hundreds of concurrent calls. As far as I know there are no applications with known memory leaks in current Freepbx installations, if you are handling more than a few hundred concurrent calls, then

A) You should probably not be using asterisk directly, put it behind a proxy and apportion the calls appropriately.

B) if that is not an option, increase your ulimits

sysctl -w fs.file-max=1000000000000000 ( ;=) )

You have a ton of questions here since you moved from elastix, did it work there?

The biggest problem here is that Ericks is not listening, for some reason he refuses to take a look at his logs in an effort to see what is going on. Until we can see where that recording is coming from, and exactly what it is, we’re spinning our wheels and just guessing. I believe that there was a comment about assumine the problem was with the distro. But you know what is said about assume …ass u me…


I agree, he has a habit of not listening, and also not replying if his problem is resolved or not, so it is quite likely he did identify, but doesn’t feel it necessary to disclose, oh well, there is always paid support.