Max inbound minutes on FreePBX16

I’m running FreePBX16 with Asterisk 18. Is there a way I can set the max number of monthly inbound minutes for all DID’s and have it reset to zero after 30 days.

I would like to have the incoming calls be denied when over 1,500 minutes.

One rule for all DID’s. Each DID is allowed 1,500 minutes.

Can you do it, sure can. Is there a built in thing for this already? Nope. You’re going to have to code your own solution to track minutes per DID and then do whatever when they hit 1,500 minutes. Then reset at 30 days.

Can you tolerate the calls in progress at the time the limit is exceeded overrunning?

If not things get more complicated.

In addition, does the provider limit you to one concurrent call per DID? If not things get even more complicated, as you need to set limits on calls that are unlikely to take you over the limit, or use something like AMI to do real time monitoring of the usage

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