Max Contacts

I have all of my extensions as PJSip. For my extension I set my max contacts as 2, and I registered my cell phone softphone app and a cisco spa303. It seems they both register but then calls go straight to voicemail as if the phone is busy.

Is the capability to register two devices meant for two separate locations (networks), for example cellphone softphone from home and desk phone at your work? Which makes the most sense? Or does asterisk not care that both devices are on the same subnet?

I realize there are other work arounds to ring multiple devices but curious about this feature (and plenty others to come!).

Endpoints on the same extension on different networks should work. If you want to troubleshoot this, post a log of a failed call.

However, in my experience, it doesn’t make for good workflow. For example, if you are talking on the desk phone and another call comes in, your mobile will start ringing, likely audible to the remote party. Follow Me avoids this issue (you can still answer the new call via call waiting). Also it allows for a delay before the mobile starts ringing.

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