MAX callers in asternic call center stats shows DID upon queue failover

This is a re-post from the PIAF forum. I didn’t hear anything from the developer,either, though it’s somewhat a niche issue, so I’m not surprised it’s the first time he hasn’t been EXTREMELY helpful!

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x FreePBX Version = x
x 2.10 x
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I have a number of queues that I monitor with asternic call center stats 2. When looking at the distribution report, under MAX Callers, there is a specific case whereby a DID shows up for the metric rather than the actual value (what I assume is the Maximum number of waiting callers during the time-frame of the report).
My guess is that DID numbers are showing up there when calls in the queue have gone unanswered beyond the wait time and therefore go into the fail-over state. For specific cases, we have failed over to an external call center for call in-take purposes. To do this, we fail over to a ring-group that contains the external DID# in the ring-group. It’s only in these cases that the MAX Callers field is populated with a DID. Has anyone else seen this?

I can tel you the asternic devs are not active here and they may be the most helpful for this as you seem to be in an edge case. That said you are running really old everything so the issue may already be something they fixed. I am not sure what your upgrade options are but you may wish to evaluate them.