Master.csv src and dst fields

I am migrating from Asterisk 10.12.3 to Asterisk 12.4.0 and am having some issues with the CDR records generated by the newer system.


“”,"","",“from-internal”,“134”,“SIP/134-00002274”,“DAHDI/i1/-212d”,“Dial”,“DAHDI/g0/,300,”,“2015-07-01 13:01:21”,“2015-07-01 13:01:37”,“2015-07-01 13:02:56”,95,79,“ANSWERED”,“DOCUMENTATION”,“1435777281.17431”,""

new system:

“”,"",“s”,“macro-dialout-trunk”,""""" <8019327000>",“PJSIP/200-00000008”,“SIP/ArrivalTel VOIP-00000005”,“Dial”,“SIP/ArrivalTel VOIP/13852255200,300,Tt”,“2015-07-01 12:31:52”,“2015-07-01 12:31:52”,“2015-07-01 12:32:11”,19,19,“ANSWERED”,“DOCUMENTATION”,“1435775506.22”,""

How can I get the new Master.csv record to match the output of the old system? Instead of reflecting the trunk callerID in the cdr record, I would like to display the agent’s extension for an outbound call.