Mark Spencer Avilutions

Check out this video from Mark Spencer founder of Avilution and some other company. :slight_smile:

Mark’s new project is at 8:29. Him and @tonyclewis have talked a lot about this as they are both airplane nerds and mark’s software was even loaded up on one of the desk phones at our Astricon booth a few years ago.

I hope Mark and help fix the avionics in airplanes like he fixed PBX’s.
To upgrade an old general aviation airplanes avionics can cost 50k or more. If Mark can get this installed on certified airplanes for 5k. We will see a lot of old airplanes with new paint and a new glass cockpit.


If only it was that easy for FAA Certification. This process to move from Experimental to Certified is a 10-15 year process for Mark and will take tens of millions of dollars to finance. its a major undertaking. I just had dinner few nights ago with him and the whole crew talking about this exact thing.


What do you like to fly? I ask because my dad is fairly involved in the Mooney pilots community.

For all the pilots that aren’t in Oshkosh what do you fly?
Me. mostly Cessna 172. You?
How many hours did you get in this week? Me, 3

PA28 - 150+ hours. Had to stop a while back due to house purchase and new family arrivals but hoping to get back soon providing I pass medical. best part for me was dead reckoning navigation, apart from take offs and landings of course.

We need all the pilots to get back in the air. Check out basic medical. Any doctor can sign off now for Basic Med.
Don’t stay away for too long or you flight review will be costly like mine.

165TT right there with you.

Basic Med link

It has been my dream to get in the air. I promised myself 15 years ago that I would fly before I turned 30 and I am now 28 and still have not. I have hundreds of hours into flight sim systems and I talk to friends who fly but they all moved out of state years ago. Its just so costly even for lessons. :frowning: I only have 2 years left to keep my promise to myself. Here’s hoping.

For the cost of a good night out, you can take an introductory flight.
If you live in the USA you have an airport near you with a pilot just waiting to take you up.
One thing about pilots, we want others to experience the feeling of fight.
If you have all that sim time ask if you stay in the pattern and do touch and goes.

As Warren Miller said: if you don’t do it now, you’ll just be a year older when you do.

Home Airport KPDK

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Well I am in Oshkosh this week but I am spoiled since our office is only 15 minutes from the KOSH.

I fly primarily C172 and SR22. Home airport is 79C. Small little fun airport in Neenah WI.

Current medical and ratings thank God I haven’t let those expire. Still don’t get up enough anymore. Telecom has a way of robbing you of your time. That and 8 kids under the age of 16 doesn’t help.

I wish I was walking around Oshkosh this past week.
Your airport is so close, I bet your getting some of the over flow from OSH

What about flying that SR22 down to Florida for Astricon?
I wonder how many pilots we could get to fly down.
We have Mark, me and …