MariaDB 5.5 EOL/EOS and FreePBX Distros

As you know the version of MariaDB 5.5 present (even in the latest version) in the FreePBX Distro is in EOL/EOS. Have any of you faced this problem before? I understand that everything works perfectly anyway; however, there are company policies that do not allow you to keep deprecated software. How are you going to address this issue? Waiting until the replacement of Centos 7.x (presumably in the first part of 2024) is a solution that may not be acceptable so I would like to understand if someone (even better Sangoma herself) has thought of a solution to the problem. Are there any other deprecated software besides MariaDB in current Distros? I repeat: I would like to keep the distro because I use commercial modules.

Don’t expect anything to change in the current distro and wait for the forthcoming announcement that was posted about here by Lorne a couple of weeks ago.

The fundamental operation of FreePBX depends on the use of deprecated software (e.g Asterisk macros).

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