Mapping Parking Lot EXT to phone?

Is there any way to map a parking lot extension to a phone to see if anybody is in that slot?

Also, is there a way to map a ring group to a phone as well?

You can’t map a ring group, you map an extension that is a member of the ring group.

All parking slots have hints created automatically by FreePBX.

Use the command ‘core show hints’ to display all of the hints that a phone can subscribe to.

Skyking, do you know if this is possible on Polycom phones?

Alan - Don’t hijack other threads with your questions. I already answered you in your thread with a yes.

Is there a simple walkthrough on how to add “Parking Spots” to a phone?

Also, how does this work? If you press the extension button does it connect you to that slot?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A walkthrough is not needed. It’s no different than programming any other BLF/DSS button.

Polycom calls the feature (prior to release 4) "buddy watch)

Yes, the Icon on the phone changes state if the slot is occupied and the light (if phone equipped) illuminated. Pressing the button picks up the call.

You need to read the phone instructions. Look for the section on busy lamp fields (“blf”). Program a blf for each parking lot extension, i.e., one button/light will be a blf for 71, another for 72, and so on.

I personally have a button programmed to park calls (i.e. Sprecode to 70) and then two parking lots BLFs, i.e. 71 and 72.