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I used FreePBX 14.0.11, Asterisk 13.26.0, Sangoma Linux 3.10.0-862.14.4. I need to use about 10000 inbound routes. I imported 2000 routes and reboot server everything is OK. But when i imported next 2000 routes and make reboot I have the mistake - in start.class.php line 187, Unable to connect to Asterisk. (on 12 secs). If i run asterisk stop and fwconsole start from console - server works. Any ideas? Thank you.

Your routes likely have nothing to do with it. Asterisk is not running.

From the command line:

fwconsole restart

If it fails to start, you will likely get some output giving a clue why not.

edit - even if you fix the Asterisk issue, there is a likelihood that 2000 inbound routes is not going to work due to include limitations. You will want to ensure that you have custom includes disabled in Advanced Settings.

This system I am working on for a client does not seem to have any issues reloading dialplan. It is not in production yet but I have calls coming in and out. This is no where close to 10,000 though.


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The include limits only apply to contexts being included in contexts. Each inbound route is either under one of two contexts. So even if you have a million inbound routes you’d still only have two inbound route contexts.

Thank you. It’s right about contexts. But it’s not solve my problem. And i don’t understand why after entering commands in console asterisk stop, asterisk start, fwconsole start - everything is working, but the result of the command fwconsole restart - is negative. May be the reason - Asterisk server is not fully loaded because have many routes, and in the same time fwconsole begin to start and don’t see fully loaded Asterisks and failed? Is it possible to increase time of waiting Asterisk by Freepbx?

Experementaly i find out that with 2912 inbound routs - all is OK, more than 2912-asterisk is not loaded after reboot.

It does sound like you’re hitting some sort of software / memory limit.

I have to ask the silly question though… what on earth are you doing with 10,000 inbound routes? I can’t even imagine, short of a central office, why someone would need that?

And if they did need that, why they would try to do it on an open-source system? That’s a job for a full-on switch, not a PBX.

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