Manually updating Asterisk 11 through Yum on FreePBX Distro excluding other RPM packages

Is it generally safe to perform Asterisk 11 upgrade (from 11.11.0 to 11.12.0) via

yum upgrade asterisk11*

on a FreePBX Distro 5.211.65-15 excluding updated DAHDI RPM packages?

I need to keep DAHDI locked (with its various other RPMs) at 2.9.0 version (due to zaphfc requirement I have) but, at the same time, I would to keep Asterisk updated: FreePBX Distro Update Script are out of question now (or, at least, I could use them but I should modify them accordingly to exclude yum update of RPM packages I don’t want to be updated). Are there dependency between Asterisk 11 and DAHDI 2.9?

At the same time I ask if is it safe to update the FreePBX RPM single package in such scenario?


You can run with

yum --exclude=*dahdi* upgrade asterisk11*

Note is built against specific dahdi versions so a mismatch here can cause problems.

Just go into yum.conf and add the exclude=dahdi and then you can run the upgrade scripts safely as yum will exclude anything with dahdi in the name. This will work for you until the kernel gets upgraded as dahdi is dependent on the kernel

Thanks @jfinstrom (I knew the trick of placing the --exclude option when executing yum), thanks again.

Mismatch (of against what?

I already now I must to freeze both DHADI and Kernel RPMs packages from receiving updates…so my intention is (now) to keep Asterisk 11.x updated: has it potentially side effects while Kernel/DAHDI packages are kept “frozen”?

Thanks @tonyclewis (I’m going to exclude Kernel updates too…sigh!).