Manual playback delay on call initialisation

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On all incoming PSTN to SIP trunks which route to IVRs, the first second of all playback is lost. Is there a way of adding a forced 1 second delay to the first playback on answer? Otherwise I’ll have to add silence to the start of the files. This also applies to ring group answer confirmation messages (when the user picks up, they hear about a second into the playback message already).

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On the inbound route, you can force the channel to answer and you can add a delay as well.

Both are under the advanced tab.

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It’s not difficult to insert silence in your System Recordings. There are predefined recordings you can use called silence/X where X is the number of seconds:

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Thank you both for your replies! Sorry I’ve not seen them earlier, notifications didn’t seem to make to it me. I’ll have a look now.

@PitzKey I’ve used your method for the IVRs, I’d misunderstood the way that delay works and assumed it meant a longer ring. Working great now.

@lgaetz I’ve used your method for the ring group outbound announcement and that’s working.

Thank you both!

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