Manipulating Callback to behave differently

Hi Everyone,

I have a simple and stupid question to ask. I know that incoming context for SIP (Inbound Routes/Specific DID) is defined somewhere in extensions.conf. Now, any incoming number from a specific DID or SIP channel is forwarded to Callback script. That is what I want to get access to. I am just trying to Wait and Ringing before Callback is started. Is that possible? Should I use extensions_custom.conf and how?


Any one wants to pitch in guys? Which .conf file includes the instruction to Inbound Routes from a SIP provider and which .conf file contains the instruction on calling the Callback Module if it is enabled in Inbound routes?


Okey, I give up now. Is there any solid documentation on the .conf files? Can any plz guide me to that? or read my above posts :slight_smile:

you only place edits in the *_custom.conf files. As all others will get replaced each and every time there is a change in the system. In that I do not use SIP trunks I can’t help but follow the dialplan and you will see.

A module does not in general create a new .conf file (some do but most do not). A module instead is called when changes are applied and provides additional instructions that are written into the dialplan files as they are created. So if you pay attention carefully you will notice with a module installed and active it will generate new lines, some times one calling another routine which only shows up when actually used and at other times several new lines of code.

Best bet is to save a copy of the extension*.conf files with and without the module enabled and diff the differances to learn where it is doing things and how.

Well, thanks for the input. I am sure I would be able to find the exact lines that are responsible for calling the Call Back Module somewhere in the *.conf file but don’t you think that’s time consuming? There are 10s of the .conf files and then just extensions.conf includes 100s of lines. I want to hear from people who do the develeopment job to tell me exactly where that line is? It would be great and would save me hours and hours and hours. I am not sure why this question is too complicated and not getting any response either here or at Trixbox. Once again thanks for you input.


Not sure what you are asking here
but the callback script is here

Well, I know where the actuall call back file is located. I want to know how this file called into action. It doesn’t just start by itself. It’s called from within one of the .conf files right? So, my question is which .conf is responsible for that and which part of the .conf file?


Well how about because nobody can say it will be at line xxx. where it is located in the file will depend on which modules and features you have installed and enabled or not so it moves around.

It took me 1 minute to install the call back module (never used it before). Another 2 minutes to figure out what it needed, created a callback, submitted it and applied the changes. It took another 8 seconds to find the file in the dialplan and where it placed it in my configuration, which will not be the same as yours.

We are all for helping out here but a little self learning goes a long way. You know the “saying give a man a fish…” in this case you will need to look in your files and find it.

dial plans use the file series extension*.conf there are NOT that many files. in my case I have 4, one I created and know every line in it. One is created by my distro for features they provide that we use, the other twohave already been mentioned in all the of above messages.

If you have NOT yet defined a callback it will not show up in the files so create one and look.

a linux command that the will help you is called grep in case you are not a linux guru (it’s like the old dos find command but 100x more powerful). if you need help on how to use that command that type man grep

fyi: I’m just another user like 99.95% of the other people who post here are try and help others out.

The actual location of the callback script once it is installed and the one that is executed when called from the dialpland is at /var/lib/asterisk/bin/callback. The location you provided Bubba is the module storage location where the modules is downloaded into. when it is enabled it copies it from that location to the one I provided.

Thanks for the detailed comments fskrotzki. It’s great help to use grep. I tried searching for the callback name that I had setup as “callBACKMAIN” in every file but I couldn’t find anything. So, then I tried the location but still nothing comes up. There is nothing special install on the system and it’s left to bare minimum but the callback is created and it is active on the system. I have a SIP trunk coming in which is set to Callback in inbound routes. I am assuming there should be at least one single file that calls the module even though if my custom installation is different from yours. Or could I be wrong?


you are searching the /etc/asterisk/ files correct? If the module is installed and enabled and you create the callback by clicking on submit and it then shows up on the right hand side, it is then included in the file as I described. Create another one called zzzz and try again. As what I described worked perfectly and I could find it in seconds. You need to watch with linux as it is case sensitive and can through things off.

I put zzzz for name and callback number. Then I did the command: grep -o zzzz *.conf and I found it to be in extensions_additional.conf.

Thanks a lot for the grep command and all the guidance. It has worked for me.

You Are Amazing :slight_smile: