Managing/updating contact list using GAL or flat file

Hi All.

I was wondering if anyone has found a way to have FreePBX automatically push updates to the end users telephone directory (contact list) when changes are made to the system; such as removing an ex-employee or adding a new employee.

I was hoping that the software could push the exchange server’s global address list to the end user, but that is not happening. I’ve been able to manually import a .cvs file and/or my personal contacts from my outlook account, but not the company GAL. The purpose is to have an up to date contact list that users can use without having to manually update flat files or their contacts page in outlook.

Please advise!

I’m working with a Trixbox and FreePBX module; also involved are a Exhchange server. Telephones are polycom and eyebeam (soft phone).

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probably not going to happen quickly. Several issues here. 1. Exchange, way to many reasons why and yes I manage ours so understand. there is a tool to export the GAL if you search for it on under exchange toolkit.

Second and more immediate is each phone provider can and most do use a slightly different format from the rest. So it’s hard to write a sinlge program that works with the hundred of phones. Then there is the issue of each phone and how it updates is different. Aastra phones use a seperate file and you can program them to check daily, etc for config changes but the directory file is not a direct part of the config but a extra file that is refered to by the config so changing that in my case does not get it loaded. We need to touch one of the config files so that it is realoaded. I have a script that will do that if the date of the directory file is newer then the default config files.

But I’ve had to set this up all by hand. some phones like the Cisco ones use xml so every time the directory is requested it just queries the server for the current list and get’s it. So it’s not as simple as you thing it would be.

Hope that helps.