Managing Recordings - How do you do it?

So I have a system that the users want to start recordings calls on demand. Just to keep things clean and simple I added another volume to the system just for that. So that part is taken care of. But I am left with a question. How do you guys manage recordings over time as they accumulate? Do you use cron jobs? The FreePBX module? Just looking for some ideas. Thanks!

We just convert them to MP3 and delete them after 7 years.

yeah, we’ve been doing this for a while.

Thanks for the reply. By what method are you doing that?

I wrote a script that runs every night at midnight. It runs through the monitor directory and converts all of the wav files to mp3, tars up the wav files, and compressed zips them into an archive. I also double check the CRM records and make sure the recordings are connected (by unique ID) to the right CRM interaction records.

Thanks much for the info!

i think there is a paid module called call recording report that supposedly generates archive files and deletes them based on the specified parameter. i have not used it so perhaps someone who has can comment