Manager.c: failed to authenticate as 'admin'?

I’m seeing this message every 3s in my logfiles. Any idea how to get rid of it?

manager.c: failed to authenticate as ‘admin’

FreePBX 13-18
Asterisk 13.14.0

One of your “admin” users in one of your config files has the wrong password.

It’s a vexing problem that just takes time to search and find. If you have access to the console, you can start with a “grep admin /etc/asterisk/* /etc/asterisk//” and see what pops up. Chances are, one of the files that has a “user=admin”-like line in it will give you the clue you need.

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Thanks for the heads up. Lots of interesting things in that grep search. I did notice that I had created a gui user log in using the name admin and a password other than the manager.conf password. I wonder if that could do it.

I don’t think those are related. Did you install any third party apps? Some apps require manager access such as FOP2, outcall, etc.

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