Management of call recordings

i have a call center customer that wishes to record all inbound & outbound calls for all agents. they want to keep the recordings for up to 1 year. we know we need to spool the recordings off the pbx to another server to do the appropriate management of the recordings. i am interested in talking to anyone that has either implemented this type of solution or has knowledge of packages that could be used.

A few options:-

  1. You can “spool” /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/* with a cronjob on a granularity of 1 or more minutes.
  2. You can in “real-time” run any script you want as “Post Call Recording Script” in Advanced settings.
  3. You can radically change the location of the recordings in the same place with “Asterisk Spool Dir”

There are many posts here in the forums to get you started (some by me :slight_smile: ) as to what might work and what is going to be a problem under certain circumstances

Useful commands

man rsync
man crontab
man nfs
man samba
man ln
man mv
man cp

i will continue to search the forums. the piece that i am hoping to find is a management package that has a good end user interface and supports some sort of cataloging of recordings by date and extension number.

I have found that :-

man find
man sort
man grep
man sed
man awk
man mysql

have covered all of my adhoc needs so far.

yes for someone familiar with Linux those commands work fine. trying to convince the receptionist or the cfo of a company to learn how to access Linux and use those commands is a real uphill fight. i need to find (or build) something with a decent GUI (ideally browser based) in front of it. this particular environment is an all Microsoft shop and they have no one that is technically competent. they out source their IT and we provide phone service.

Yeah, that would indeed take a few hours, I did assume it would be you or someone else “technically qualified” to prepare reports not the receptionist though, and hence your time/effort , not her’s

Many web based “music players” will happily traverse and play directory structures, the trick is to extract the date, extension and phone number from the filename (the uniqueid is handy for mysql qualification data) and then “ln” them back into another directory tree that suits your receptionist, for example by extension/date/number or date/number extension , because the choices become asymptotic It might be hard to find one that meets your secretary’s needs precisely.

Ready made solution:

I ended up using a product called sip print. Works well and requires nothing from the pbx as it uses port mirroring to do the recording

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