Making changes to SSL.CONF

Running FreePBX Distro 10.13.66-5. In system admin module (13.0.24), the ability to explicitly define the ports for UCP, Admin, HTTP Provsioning,Restful Phone Apps and Restful API are great. However, the inclusion of the self-generated SSL capabilities by default has port 443 going to the admin control panel site. My objective is to have the url resolve to the UCP site when a user browses to that https address of the site (and not have the admin page respond to the https address of the site).My question is two-fold…

-If I modify the SSL.CONF file in etc/httpd/conf.d to include ‘DocumentRoot /var/www/html/ucp/’ (as I want to direct anyone browsing to the URL directly to the UCP site) is that the wrong thing to do (i.e. will it break other things that anyone is aware of)?

-There is a warning in the SSL.CONF file that says:

" # SYSADMIN - File auto-generated by Sysadmin

Any changes you make to this file will be overwritten"

I have reloaded FreePBX and the change I made to the SSL.CONF file is still there, so does anyone know what condition would cause this file to be re-auto-generated or is there somewhere else I should be making this change if I want it to be persistent?



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I brought that up the other day in the #freepbx irc channel, you might enjoy it there, it’s all gloves off :wink: . . .

They’ll be overwritten on an upgrade, or, when you change port definitions. Or when the machine feels like something’s slightly wrong :sunglasses:

Running UCP on HTTPS by itself isn’t something I’ve done yet. Sorry 8-\