Making a unified phone directory with more then one * system

Anybody implemented a unified directory so when you are running two or more boxes all interconnected but in seperate locations a call into one gets a list of all extensions in the systems if they have voice mail?

I’ve been digging into the agi-bin/directory script and can figure a lot of it out but not all of it.

I have a rsync script that can sync just the greetings sound files between systems, placing the remote system into a folder under the normal location so that if a duplicate extension ever happens we don’t have a problem with overwiting something. I’ve even done the same thing for the voicemail.conf file between systems so that part sync’s.

I can see how to make the script check multiple voicemail.conf files so that the local and remote ones get read. What I can’t easly figure out is how to parse up and track remote versus local and get it to point to the proper folders to gain access for the greetings files.

Anybody done anything like this and interested in helping me?

I’m installing 5) * boxes and would find this very helpful. fskrotzki, I’ve followed your instructions and have the rsync happening fine between the boxes and have applied the diff to the directory agi script. But, I’m hanging and trying to figure out where to go from there. Have you had anymore luck with this?