Making a Queue honor wrap-up time after an agent completes an outbound call

Hey everyone. I apologize if a topic exists for this already, I tried searching around for the answer, and couldn’t find the answer in the forums or on the far reaches of the internet. If you are aware of a topic that has an answer to my concerns, please link it and I will go to work on implementing the changes needed :slight_smile:

I have three agents that do inbound and outbound calls, taking the inbound calls from a queue that has a 30 second wrap up time. One issue that we have is that when one of the agents finishes an outbound call, the queue throws a call at that agent immediately when the queue has more calls than agents.

Is there a setting that I am missing that forces the queue to observe the fact that the agent has just finished an outbound call, and waits to dispatch a call to that agent?

As far as I know, only queue calls respect wrapup. I know of no way to force a wrapup after outbound calls.

… unless you queue pause the agents when they make an outbound call. Set up a new context that pauses them on an outbound call and have them unpause when they are ready to take an inbound call.

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