Make Sangoma P330 Background Image Larger?

We are rolling out P330. Added background per Wiki but it’s so small now you can’t even read our logo. What is the best config for this? You cannot even read the text. I assume, we can only change the center picture?

The max image size is 144x86, and EPM will resize the image such that it’s largest dimension won’t exceed those. There’s not much room to work with, you’ll want to choose an image that’s readable at that size.

Thank you. The wiki gave different dimensions. Is there also issues using EPM? We have to reboot the phones to get updated configs

Where? I will correct it.

In my testing just now, I was able to push new background images without a reboot.

This says: 4.3 inch 480 x 272 but I believe it meant the entire screen?

I cannot get endpoint to ever update my phone without rebooting. I followed the wiki and am using https, DMPA is enabled as well. Freepbx 15 all modules currently up to date

Correct, that’s for the entire LCD. There’s a value lower down for the background image (added this am).

The phones I’m testing with all reprovision/reboot when instructed by EPM. If you’re not seeing that, I recommend opening a support ticket.

This is now working. Thank you. Endpoint manager is also fixed. Under Sip settings----->Change_Pjsip, you have to change the SSL Method to tlsv1_2 and restart asterisk. I didn’t see this in any documentation but was told by Sangoma support it’s a known issue on the Pseries phones. This change made EP start working.

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