Make DND Status generally bring DIALSTATUS=NOANSWER instead of DIALSTATUS=BUSY

hi all!

please don’t blame me for my bad English or my very low FreePBX/Asterisk knowhow … I’ve searched for hours and think I really need your help now (and I am nearly sure the topic is not how someone who knows about the system would title it :smile: )

I’m working for a young startup company, where we decided to run FreePBX ( / Asterisk (11.14.2) and use some free softphones … providing FOP2 2.27 for our agents to “administrate” their status and being able to see “whats going on” at their colleagues or in the various queues.

the problem I actually have is that our agents were told to (and are used to) use the “pause” function in FOP2 for not being reachable by the queues and use the “status” (do not disturb) from the FOP2 (or the feature code toggle *76) for not being available under their personal extension (from internal or external). as far as I could figure out, it is the standard behavior of Asterisk that if an extension is set to DND it is “replying” a “BUSY” status. but for a good reason I’d need the DND status meaning a “NOANSWER” … like the phone would be offline (the “Busy” destination in the “Optional Destinations” section in FreePBX must only be used, if the phone is REALLY busy), especially from external!

now, I already found something what helped me for a moment in the first answer of post #15482 (sorry, new forum users seem to be not allowed to post URLs) - and it only helped for a moment, because I have no idea how to tell FreePBX/Asterisk to change this permanently. Just for (successfully!) testing I tried it by modifying a config file (extensions_additional.conf in the [macro-dial-one] section) what told me not to modify it (because it will be overwritten as soon as I update the config) and of course I desperately tried some custom lines in _custom files by adding a [macro-dial-one-custom] section … but I am afraid these were just hours and hours of a noob experimenting and not knowing what to do … and really hope someone can give me a “noob understandable” instruction how to tell our FreePBX to treat a “DND” status of all extension generally as “DIALSTATUS=NOANSWER” instead of “DIALSTATUS=BUSY”.

thank you very much for your help in advance,