Make an outbound call from ARI

i have a monitoring system that supports commands, curl, put, get, post and such.
i’m looking for an ARI string that will allow me to dial out to a specific number with a command

for example i have this :
curl -v -u username:password -X POST “

but it depends on a connected sip extension, and also it needs someone on “1000” to answer in order to keep connecting.
so i’m looking for something more “one sided”.
it doesn’t even matter of the other side answers, i just need the pbx to make the mobile phone on the other side to ring, in order to generate an “alarm”.

thank you

curl -v -u username:password -X POST ""

Try using a Local channel rather than calling the sip channel directly

many thanks!
it works

one more question
if i want to do it by post, what’s the correct structure?

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