Make an announcement to the user when picking up a call

I have two inbound routes to a ring-group. I’d like an announcement to alert the user of the inbound route origin when picking up a call.

I am assuming that the agents are answering for two different companies, departments or people and they want give an appropriate greeting when they answer. If your application is different, please explain.

If the phones have multiple line appearances, you could send the calls to different ‘lines’; the agent would answer according to which line was flashing.

Another common approach is to prefix the caller’s name e.g. “Sales: John Doe”, which the agent would see on the display before answering.

If neither of the above are suitable, you can set up two Ring Groups and use the Remote Announce feature to identify the source. Unfortunately, this requires the agent to press 1 to accept the call.

You could set up the ring groups with Custom Extensions, using a Dial option to play an announcement to the agent upon answer.

Anything beyond this would likely require writing custom dial plan code.

Using a queue instead of a ring group allows for an ‘agent announcement’ to be defined which will play a recording to the agent on answering. It would require a separate queue for each inbound route.

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Another option (if your phones support it) is to give the two sources different ringtones (Alert Info).

Thank you for all your tips. I’ll experiment the queue option as the ring group has different phones types, for the agents. The idea to use a different line can be considered. That is something to discuss with the user.

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