Make a trunk with a FXS


I have a gateway cellphone, and i haven’t another FXO port, but i have one FXS port.
So, i make an extension with my new account SIP (PAP2 linksys)
No problem. (register ok), call ok…etc.
Now i make a custom trunk with custom dial string : SIP/106.

For the first time, is good …it’s ringing.
But… but… now, when the gateway answered, how dial the initial number?

I try to make : SIP/106/$OUTNUM$ … don’t work.

Can i make this config style?

I call the cellphone from 100 extension number to 0612345678
get the trunk SIP/106 by 06xxxxxxxx dial rules
PAP2 ringing
Gateway answer.
dialing 0612345678


I try yet with the dial option D( ).

But nothing :frowning:

No answer?
An idea?