Make a special Dial Patterns


I have this special requirement,

I bought a international call, I need to make a special dial plan for this new trunk seem that my old form to make international call.

My requirement are :

Now for make international call I have this dial patterns :


Now , with my new provider I will need :


9005|1NXXNXXXXXX system call to : 1NXXNXXXXXX
9007|1NXXNXXXXXX system call to : 1NXXNXXXXXX
9009|1NXXNXXXXXX system call to : 1NXXNXXXXXX

this is easy, but when I need to make call outside USA I need to put a especial prefix adding 011, for example :

To Spain at this number 91527xxxx

90053491527xxxx I need to call to 0113491527xxxx
90073491527xxxx I need to call to 0113491527xxxx
90093491527xxxx I need to call to 0113491527xxxx

It’s possible to make a dial patter with a this condicianal form .

I have only one trunk with Boradvoice for this type of call.

Thanks for yours idea.

Santiago Hoyos.

What I would do is create another trunk with the exact same configuration as the old one and add the prefix you need on it (the Trunk configuration has an “Outbound Dial Prefix” where you could add 011).

Then when dialing USA you should use the Outbound Route with the pattern you described first and the old trunk, and for international calls you should use another Outbound Route removing 9005 in the Dial Patterns but using the newly created trunk.

The only problem here is that the trunks are indistinguishable on the Trunk List…

Hi, I thought in this solutions, but problem is that I can’t replicate one more sip truck, because it’s possible that my provider when they see two trunks from same account block it, and my trunk will go down.

I think in a possible solution is modified a configuration file, but I don’t know.

Thanks for you help.

I need to dial internationally… i have 2 trunks, and i want to be able to push 9 to dial out of my secondary trunk for local and international.

I have posted this a few times, and cant get a response. One person advised doing 9|NXXNXXXXXX in my outbound routes, then i could dial out of second trunk locally. But that didnt work, i also tried putting a dialing prefix on the secondary trunk and dialing my cell # and this does not work either…

Im at a complete loss…