Make a call using REST api

Hi, I looking how i can make a call using FreePBX REST api. According documentation there is REST api and I can use it but there is no any described end points. and how to use them. I want to create script which can call to a number and give me information if the person pick p a call or not. If yes there should be started some action if no another action. For now i don’t find any solution for that what I find is Asterisk call file which is nice and i can make a call with that but I don’t know how I check if the call was answered.
Can you help mi with that?

The REST API is still in development and (AFAIK) is a product of people using it providing code and documentation. The GraphQL interface is also available, and has similar limitations (both projects are relatively new and need a lot of community support).

Other than the call files you have the tools related to the Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI). The original manager interface is a TCP socket, but there’s also an HTTP interface called “AJAM” which might work well for your needs. Take a look at the examples section here on the Asterisk wiki:

I would definitely look at going down the AMI route – I don’t recall there being a method in either the REST API or the GraphQL API for creating a new outbound call.

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