Maint login needed for everything

I have a brand new install of FreePBX (installed with pbxinaflash-17562.iso) with IncrediblePBX installed on top of it. I just upgrade everything to 2.9 Final with the module updater. Other than the upgrade to 2.9, I have not “tweaked” a thing, it’s about as raw of a fresh install as possible.

I can go to http://my-pbx-server on my local network and the main page loads fine. However, if I click on VoiceMail, Flash Operator Panel, Meet Me Conference, NerVittles Reminders…anything that I wouldn’t expect to need the maint login for, I have to enter the maint login to get to them. If I click ‘Cancel’ at the login prompt, I get the Unauthorized page.

Now this issue was present before the update, I was hoping the update would resolve it. I have searched the forum and tried all the various things found to resolve this issue (including the ‘Password Required when none should be’ thread), yet none seem to work.

Anyone help me out?


Sounds a bit like an http access issue. I am not sure I’d agree that this is as raw and fresh of an install as possible. A FreePBX ISO install would be.

Was the error present before you installed the IncrediblePBX over the PiaF ?

I installed IncrediblePBX immediately after FreePBX. I guess I just kind of lumped them together as all part of the same whole, sorry if I was incorrect in my understanding of how the 2 installs are related.

I am sure it is an http access issue, but my abilities with linux webservers is pretty limited, so I don’t quite know where to begin fixing it.

I stumbled into the Apache configuration in webmin. I set everything in Access Control for the recordings, panel, etc directories to “Default” for everything. I now can go directly to those pages.

I don’t know if I’ve caused any unintended consequences yet, but all those pages still have built in logins (Recordings) and pass codes (FOP), and nothing is exposed outside the LAN, so I think I’m good.

Honestly, I’d start over with the FreePBX ISO. While I really like what Ward, Tom and crew do with PiaF… I prefer to start with the cleanest install possible. That used to be AsteriskNOW and now I consider the FreePBX ISO to be the most clean. ( ok… it used to be and still is a knowledgeably hand built box is best.)

I predict the time to fix to be greater than starting over. I’ll bet that point is past already.