Mail queue error in dashboard

Re: FreePBX 15


I’ve manually flushed the mail queui “postsuper -d mail_queue_id” . It still insisted I have undelivered in the queue. What’s wrong?

to list the queues (when you are root) ,

postqueue -p

to flush all queues

postsuper -d ALL

That did it…it’s fixed

Not necessarily fixed, you just purged all the queued mails, postqueue -p would have shown what was undelivered.

I’ve refreshed the dashboard the mail queue is green. :grinning:

But now you better to diagnose if it ever goes red.

Before…I had just the standard “system admin” with no email setup. And I got the mail queue issue. I thought upgrading the server to the “system admin pro” might fix the problem. It didn’t at first (that’s why the post). Now the it issue has gone. The “system admin pro” give me the means of configuring postfix in the server (so, i guessed). It good now because I’m getting email messages from the server.

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