hi guys i have looked and didnt find what im looking for so im asking my self now here it go i was able to get the sip info off my magicjack here it is
proxyuserpassword = CWMxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx679
Digest username = E6xxxxxxx01 or sip:

now hoe can i add this to my asterisk now box
also here is some more info i was able to get i dont know if this is any use full


please help me config this thank you and im new so go easy i just make this user name today

Did you try google? This looked promising:

yes i have seen that but i have no idea what to do with it im new to freepbx i hoping to get more help maybe like what i need to do with that info and how do i add it i trying adding it but i dont know what im doing i just dont get it at all i know im not all dumb cuz i did setup a pfsene router with 2 want and vpn with out any problem but this just dont make any sense to me at all

The original article points at a piece of software to get the SIP info.

The rest looks like you would create a SIP trunk with it. Putting the data in extensions_custom.conf and sip_custom.conf etc… Might also work.

The hardest part would be getting your SIP creds.

Keep in mind this is also theft of service from MagicJack per their terms of service.

Their call models are based on using their device (keeps volume low) and the advertising revenue.

forget about it then i didnt even think about that

It’s not working anymore since their last upgrade in June.
MJ is using a proprietary authentication by not following the sip protocol.

You can find a way to solve this with a proxy application (MJMD5) for the registration part in the following forum