Magic Button Recent Status in 2009?

I think this belongs here as it was supposed to be developed as a FreePBX module that Ethans and Phillippe were working on.

This project launched ages ago just prior to a training course with promises that it would be released for public usage.

A Public Beta ran over with the Trixbox crowd for 50 testers to invest their time and energy into;

Ethans still seemed to be supporting a FreePBX module deployment in his last BlogSpot entry dated 12th Feb 2009

But accoding to his website this is now an exclusive offering of his as of June 4th 2009;
“The Magic Button is a Schmooze exclusive.”

So whilst I respect his choices, many times he has said that this was going to be a public module and then a subscribed module thru FreePBX licensing server.

So what happened? Did I miss the party? My Googling doesn’t seem to find where it is up to…

Best regards, David

I am no longer with Schmooze Communications. Before my departure, the system was setup to accommodate subscriptions to the Schmooze centralized speech licensing server. A subscription for around $12/month would provide speech ports, the magic button, speech IVR, speech company directory, and speech VmX Locator. I am not sure if Schmooze has plans to release the product, but it was basically ready.

If you are looking for custom integration, feel free to contact me directly, otherwise you should communicate directly with Schmooze to ascertain your options. As I get some paid consulting coming in, I hope to continue to support the open source community through speech and unified communications applications for the Asterisk/FreePBX platform.

Ethan Schroeder