Please explain how to use macro-vm-custom. It appears that macro-vm-custom gets included after macro-vm and all of the extensions in macro-vm hangup so how would any code in macro-vm-custom ever get called?

Previously (piaf on asterisk 1.4) I simply added this to extensions_custom.conf and it was called after a voicemail was left.

exten => h,1,Noop(macro-vm-custom)

I also tried this with the same problem – and it shows in the dialplan, but because h,1 hangs up, this code never gets executed:

exten => h,2,Noop(exten–custom)

How can I add to the dialplan after a voicemail hangup?

Thank you!

A lot has changed in FreePBX and Asterisk in 10? 12? years. I think to do what you want, you will need to add a hangup handler earlier in the call flow and then check to see if it went to vm. See this post: Hooking for fun and income, the section titled " How do I perform a custom action on hangup?"

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Thank you, but why do these custom includes exist if they don’t work? I don’t understand. There must be some reason for them?

They are a legacy of the very early days of FreePBX, going back to long before my involvement. I have no answer for you. It is what it is.

I only see outbound hooks. How would I hook an incoming call to voicemail?

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