Mac Softphone recommendations?

Our remote users all want softphones so that they don’t have to snake a cable from their router to their home office. I’m using the free 3CX softphone for the PC’s, but there does not seem to be a good Mac solution.
Almost all of the softphones I’ve looked at are promoting that company’s VOIP services, etc.
I don’t mind paying (one time) for the software… but I do need something fairly simple and straightforward.
Suggestions would be appreciated.

Check this list. IT is old so some may not be available anymore, but a starting point.

Zoiper, Linphone, Bria, Telephone (in no particular order)

You could plug a desk phone into the Mac’s Ethernet jack and bridge Ethernet to Wi-Fi.

Just found
Like it.
Not pretty – but functional.

If you want free softphones, you can go with Linphone or Zoiper (encryption and video calls are only in Pro plan). For more advanced features, like rich messaging and file sharing, smart contacts and centralized setup and provisioning of apps, you should look at Bria Teams or Ringotel Shell. There’s some admin work involved in setting an account and creating users, but as result, it will greatly simplify apps maintenance. The latter is our product, which is easier to use, less expensive and has really cool and unique features, like BLF auto-provisioning, shared contacts or lightweight CRM.

ZoIPer is not free for business use.

For business use - no, I agree, but it still has free edition that for some simple use cases should be enough. I’m using it for testing purposes.

On my mac for testing I use linphone

Linphone is a utility knife. It’s not pretty but it always gets the job done. Great for testing. I doubt I would use it as an every day answering/calling/business solution.

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I was using the telephone app which works 95% of the time. There are no real settings on it though so that 5% of the time it falls flat on its face. I had to switch to linphone I think originally for tcp

While testing various PBX systems (FreePBX,FreeSwitch,VitalPBX,etc.) I often found Linphone not working out-of-the-box, so the setup just takes too much time.

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