MAC based Caller ID

We are setting up a system for a school. They have previously ordered a PBXACT system and Sangoma phones for classrooms. For E911 we are assigning DIDs for each room and listing accordingly. Our issue is that teachers are constantly moving rooms. We would want to leave the phones in the rooms but have the teachers be able to move their extensions without changing the CallerID to maintain E911 settings. Is there any way to setup the system to map CallerID to the MAC of the phone, or to allow the end user to change the extension without loosing the room based CallerID?

Not the way you’re describing it. The problem is that the phone is the only part of the system that Asterisk tracks. When the phone moves, the extension number goes with it.

I’m trying to think of a way to do what you’re looking for. Normally, the phone “logs in” to the phone system with it’s extension number, and the extension is the only thing the system knows. There’s no “user” mode is FreePBX.

So, having said that, there are two approaches that I can think of.

  1. Use the unsupported “user and device” mode. It’s not simple and you end up with a FreePBX system that just isn’t really FreePBX anymore. You’d be on your own fo support.

  2. Try setting up a series of queues, one for each DID. Have the teachers log into these queues with their extensions.

I’m not sure how the outbound Caller ID would work, but there might be a way forward from there.

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