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I have a customer that currently has a T1 data circuit for his internet and VoIP. It works but is dog slow. He can’t get DSL or cable to his location. I am thinking of a LTE modem but am leary of latency and voice quality. I have never installed one of these and need to hear from anyone that has either tried to use one or is using one for internet and VoIP. They have only an ATA with 5 users on it. Thanks for any pearls of wisdom

A T1 data circuit is 1.544 Mb/s ( which is ‘dog-slow’ by any standard) I would reserve that for your TDM calls (23 or 24 rock solid calls) , adding a 4g LTE modem to the mix would help for general IP traffic, I would suggest a Mikrotik router (but there are others) with such ability, it can easily add bandwidth to alleviate. Can the customer ‘see the sky’ ? if so starlink might be another option

A site visit to scope out signal strength would cover that. If that checks out, configure the LTE on NIC 2 with responsive firewall enabled.

Most vendors of such services will ‘pre-qualify’ you using your supplied geo-location before you buy.

I run T-Mobile 5G SIM $55/month at many remote locations that cant get anything more than dial up speed satelite internet. T-Mobile has really started to cover very rural areas with fast 5G the past 12 months. A remote client that I got zero service at just 2yrs ago, got T-Mobile 5G coverage in the 1st half of 2020 and I now get over 200Mbps…

Another client that got nothing has T-Mobile 4G LTE coverage now that gets 30Mbps.

I am running Peplink 5G routers at these locations, T-Mobile 5G SIM with their $55/month 100GB plan connected to a Gigabit POE switch with UBNT AP’s and S705’s running built in VPN without issue.

I am also running some Inseego FG2000’ 5G router/modems at a few locations as well which has a built in WIFI6 AP.

T-Mobile 5G & 4G LTE coverage map


All we have at that site is a grandstream ata and a couple of PCs. No pbx there at all these are remote phones. The T1 was only for data and they (carrier) had a couple of analog lines for faxes. They want to get rid of the T1 because of the cost ($500 a month). We tried to do a PTP data to their main office 5.6 miles away but we couldn’t get above the trees.

Skylink is $100 a month and definitely goes above the trees .

I will have to check but I don’t think they are overhead here yet :((


Did you mean Starlink or Skylink?

Starlink, my typo

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